Jamie Goatley

Jamie Goatley has over 25 years’ experience and a wealth of information, buying the best and achieving maximum price for clients.

Jamie GoatleyJamie Goatley

Jewellery & high-quality art. Our reputation that has been built on accept as true with, transparency, discretion and integrity. we’ve a crew of established specialists, who can provide you with good sized information and correct valuations approximately any item you wish to promote. wherever you are placed in the British Isles certainly one of crew of demonstrated professionals can provide you with a cash offer for the right pieces.

Jamie Goatley pay the best rate feasible on your valuables. once we have valued your objects and we have a settlement on the sale fee, the is fee immediately paid either into your bank account or by cash, whichever you prefer.

If we cannot come to an agreement at the sale fee of your objects, we additionally offer a brokerage carrier with low % commission rates.


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